For film and commercial productions Skymotion can provide all aerial coördination. 

This means having our Aerial experts and Aerial Director of Photography involved in the (pre)production stage thinking out ways to shoot your moving and flying shots in any airspace. Choosing the right platform (helicopter, drone or maybe even cable cam) depends on several factors.  Involving us in a early stage of production can safe a lot of time and money.

Rules of the Air

We and our drones are fully licensed to operate in congested area's
Allowed in civil and military controlled airspace, maintaining two way radio contact with the ATC station.
For the areas above airfields or above a certain altitude we can operate with a single of multi engine helicopter.

For actual information about the needs for your location please contact us.



 We can provide nearly all modern camera and aerial equipment needed.

  • Helicopter camera systems like Cineflex RED 6K (Canon 30-300mm / 14.5-60mm) / Shotover series and Flighthead on request Helicopter in Single and Twin engine.

  • Freefly Systems drone (fits Alexa Mini, Red camera, Ultra Primes, Master Primes, Master Anamorphics, Kowa’s, more on request).

  • Inspire 2 X7 camera (together with DJI’s own lenses 16,24,35,50mm).

  • Freefly Movi Pro Various rigging possibility’s aswel for handheld operating.

  • Several smaller drones usually used for recce’s, prop drones and scouts (Mavic, Phantom etc).

In collaboration with Cam-A-Lot Amsterdam we can arrange any configuration.